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GL_Support - 2316 days ago

PrideStark Gaming is excited to announce the signing of established fighting game player BeyondToxin to our roster! Experienced in titles such as Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat, BeyondToxin has made a name for himself as a top tier contender and well-supported member of the fighting game community.


“Finding PrideStark Gaming was one of the strongest moves I’ve made in my career so far,” said BeyondToxin. “They’ve been extremely welcoming, provided amazing support, and have a clear roadmap of what our future looks like together. I’m excited to get fighting in 2018 on main stage and representing PrideStark Gaming!”


Some of BeyondToxin’s previous placements include (click each event for full details):


Injustice 2


Combo Breaker 2017: 17th

EVO 2017: 17th

Eleague LCQ: 7th

Mortal Kombat XL


Combo Breaker 2016: 13th

ESL S3 Pro League Finals: 9th

CEO 2016: 9th

KiT 2017: 7th

Follow BeyondToxin on Twitter, Twitch, and look for him at numerous conventions and tournaments throughout 2018! A full list of upcoming PrideStark Gaming events will be made available at www.pridestark.gg.

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